Whole House Music In Utah

June 28, 2016

Listening to music around the home is a great way to get motivated during chores, keep guests entertained at large parties and even just provide a little background music for small family gatherings. However, one typical downfall of playing music is that it is difficult to control without the right equipment as most sound systems will only provide enough sound to comfortably entertain listeners in one room. Although this generally doesn’t stop homeowners from playing their favorite music throughout the day, a new system certainly could make things a lot easier! Introducing whole house music from Reed’s Built-Ins. Our whole house music systems provide optimal sound and control throughout your home so that listeners in any room can hear the music at an audible and comfortable volume.  Whole house music systems by Reed’s feature:

Optional Sound Zoning:

With this feature, you can decide between single and multi sound zoning for your system. This means that you can choose to keep the music consistent throughout your home with single sound zoning or allow other users to change the music playing in their area of the home.

A Variety of Device Options:

Whether you prefer to listen to CD’s, an IPod, XM, Sirius or standard radio stations, a whole house music system has you covered. You can access music from any of these sources easily by utilizing the outlets provided.

An Accessible User Interface:

Reed’s Built-In’s offers whole house systems with clean and simple user interfaces that make it easy for anyone in your house to use them. We make the process of playing your favorite music simple and quick by installing all of the necessary equipment properly to eliminate the steps required on your end.

Installing a whole house music system in your home is much easier and affordable than you would expect.Contact us today at 801-375-4919 to get started!