Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Electronic clutter such as cable boxes, satellite boxes, DVD players, Bluray players, and AV receivers can take up a lot of space and give the room a sloppy, cluttered feel. With a Whole House Video system from Reed’s Built-Ins, you can locate all of those “Boxes” in a remote location - out of sight. This even includes eliminating the bundles and knots of wires that go with them by using structured wiring. Control is easily performed via a universal remote that, with the touch of a single button, powers on all necessary equipment and automatically selects appropriate inputs and settings.

Any TV in the House Can Connect

With the sources all located in one place, and distributed to any TV in the house can share a source – totally connecting your media. This eliminates the need to have a cable or satellite box for every TV. Instead of five cable boxes for five TV’s, you can share three cable boxes among six TV’s, which saves you money. And, imagine cleaning the house with your brand new central vacuum system while enjoying some TV in each room.

Connected No Matter What You Watch

  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • DVD/Bluray
  • 4K Streamers/Players
  • Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Laptops
  • Security Cameras

The key to a system’s ease of use is the user interface

Having several systems in place in one installation can make them cumbersome and difficult to operate. At Reed’s Built-Ins, our goal is to make all of our systems so intuitive and easy to use that it requires very little instruction for you, your family, or even the babysitter.

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