Home Entertainment done Right

July 14, 2016

A well designed dedicated home theater or media room provides endless fun for your family and friends. Dedicated home theaters allow you to enjoy the experience of the big screen right in the convenience of your own home. Media rooms are generally found in living or family rooms, and include a completely customized entertainment set up that can be used for a number of activities aside from watching television or movies. No matter where your interests lie, a home theater or media room will provide a myriad of benefits. The possibilities are truly endless, but here are just a few to help you see what a home theater or media room could do for you.

  • Two words… Game night. You’ll be the envy of all sports fans when you throw your Super Bowl party in your home theater or media room. Just imagine it, you and your best friends watching your favorite team play for the championship on the big screen without even giving up your famous nachos to go out and experience it! Not a big football fan? Whether you’re an avid Utah Jazz fan or prefer to get in on the NCAA excitement to cheer on the Utah Utes or BYU, you and your guests can be at the center of all of the action right in your own home. You can even control the lighting and sound to suit the likings of your guests perfectly when you choose to install a dedicated home theater. Throw memorable game night parties all year by letting us help you create the perfect home theater or media room for you.
  • Having trouble coming up with the game plan for an upcoming birthday party? With a built in home theater, this is no longer a problem. No matter how much you have procrastinated in your planning, a movie party is the perfect solution. Just go to the store and pick up a new release and some popcorn, and you’re set. A customized home theater will impress your guests and is an easy way to manage even the unruliest of groups. When you leave the installation process to a professional, your theater will also be easily accessible and built with plenty of space for easy cleanup afterwards. Think of the stress you will save in planning your next party!
  • Whether you’re a self proclaimed “gamer” or just enjoy kicking back with a video game every once in a while, a personal home theater or media room is the perfect place for you to make the most out of your gaming experience. You can even design your home theater or media room to include a specialized drawer for controllers and other gaming accessories to keep them safe from damage and close at hand. Make your house the game spot for you and your friends to unwind with a little friendly competition by transforming a room in your home to a dedicated home theater or media room.
  • Family nights really can be fun for everyone! You and your family can enjoy the experience of going to the movies together without leaving the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to stream your movies through Netflix, or go out and get the latest release, your family will be able to spend quality time together that everyone can enjoy. Don’t put your kids through another long game of Monopoly for your family’s night in, and instead treat them to a fun night at the movies without the stress of getting the whole family ready to go.

These are just a few of the many possibilities for fun in your dedicated home theater or media room. Installing either of these options will give you the perfect go to solution for all of your entertainment needs. You can have a complete home theater designed and built to your specifications by professionals in the home theater industry by simply picking up the phone and contacting Reed’s Built-ins for a quote. We’ve specialized in creating incredible custom home theaters and media rooms for Utah families for 40 years. Just let us know what you need out of your dream home theater or media room, and we’ll take it from there!