Installing Home Central Vacuums in Utah

Vacuuming is a real pain for multiple-level home owners. To solve the problem, you could purchase a lightweight vacuum or hire a professional cleaner. However, neither of these fixes completely solves the problem. Rather than lug your vacuum around from floor to floor or pay for cleaning on a weekly basis, make the simplest and most affordable decision — install a home central vacuum. This system is comprised of a main power unit and inlets and hoses that are installed around your home. These provide permanent vacuum units on each level and in any room you choose. Once the dirt and debris is vacuumed, it's taken through the internal tubing system to a canister. This canister is simply emptied into the trash when full.

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Dust and Pollen Outside Where It Should Be

Even if an upright vacuum says it traps dirt down to “some micron,” you start to smell the dust, allergens, and pollen you are spreading back into the air after just a few minutes of use. With a central vacuum all of that material is simply exhausted outside — removing it from your living area and the air you breathe. If you or anyone in the household suffers from asthma or allergies, a central vacuum system can provide much-needed relief.


With Hide-A-Hose, you no longer need to carry that long hose around the house. Simply pull the desired amount of hose out of the wall and start vacuuming. When done, release the hose, cover the end with your hand and the hose will “suck” itself back into the wall. These work great for areas with hard floor surfaces such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and mud rooms.

Getting Started

Now that you know why you should install a home central vacuum system, it’s time to get started on the installation process. Visit Reed’s Built-Ins to discuss what system options are right for you and your home.

Available Options Include:

  • Size of Machine Needed
  • Number of Inlets Needed
  • Cyclonic or Filtered
  • Hide-A-Hose
  • Vacpan

Reeds Built-Ins Specialists Are Here

You'll also want to discuss your options for hoses, accessory attachments and power brushes when you meet with Reed's Built-Ins. Covering each of these important aspects of your system will help you ensure that it will meet the unique needs of your home.

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