4K TV Home Theater Systems

June 28, 2016 // Tags:

Today’s television technology has far exceeded that which most of us had even dreamed of just years ago. Although the picture clarity and detail of the 1080p High Definition televisions were awe inspiring at their introduction, 4K Ultra HD televisions are now on the market and taking viewer experiences to a whole new level. With 4x the resolution of the standard HD TV, 4K televisions have brought a new wave of technological advancement to the ever changing world of television technology.

Because 4K Ultra HD is an entirely new concept, it had to be developed completely from scratch. This meant that the manufacturers needed to create not only a device that could display revolutionarily clear images, but cameras that could shoot content of the same quality as well.  The pixel count for the 4K Ultra HD is 3840 x 2160, compared to the 1920 x 1080 count of 1080p HD.

Sony is the leader in 4K technology. They were the first to release a television of large proportions in 4K resolution and have kept a steady hold on the leading position since. However, Sony has company, as leading tech companies like LG, Sharp, Panasonic and Samsung have been displaying some incredible 4K technologies at recent tech industry gatherings.

Where and how can 4k TVs it be used?


4K Ultra HD technology will be available this summer in a wide range of sizes. Along with this, Sony will introduce a 4K player that will allow 4K televisions to display content at full resolution. There are roughly 100 films available in 4K resolution now and it is anticipated that this number will increase significantly after the technology’s complete release.

Also, through a 4k-upscaling Blu-Ray player, the 4K TV is able to take a Blu-Ray’s resolution and upscale it.  Samsung claims that their new  Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc® Player with UHD 4K Upscaling can provide up to four times better resolution than Full HD when combined with a UHD TV.


Sony is currently working with DIRECTV and Dish to develop a wider variety of channels made for 4K televisions. As of now, there are several in Europe and five trademarked under DIRECTV. There are alsoYouTube videos available that display in full 4K HD.

Homemade Videos and Pictures

The GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition is capable of shooting in 4K resolution, making action shots and adventures come to life on the screen.  As for homemade content, pictures from cameras with 8 megapixels or more can use the extra pixels offered through a 4k TV.

Home Theaters

Although 4K technology will be available in smaller sizes soon, the technology was originally built for large screens ranging from 84” to 55” in size. In addition to high resolution, one of the great perks of 4K technology in a home theater setting is its ability to maintain its quality at close range where space is at a premium. Contact us for more on what you can do with a 4K television in your home theater or media room.