New or Existing Builds

Whether you're building a new home or upgrading an existing one, Reed’s Built-Ins has your lighting control solution. Using our structured wiring system our lighting control system options for new or existing projects share many of the same great conveniences and features. This can also make cleaning the house with your central vacuum system that much easier.

Saving Money

It's easy to save money with one of our remote lighting control systems. A lighting system gives you the ability to adjust the preset turn-on brightness. By simply adjusting the default turn-on to level 90% instead of 100%, you save 10% on the electricity used to light your home with little, if any, perceived brightness loss. Motion sensors placed in strategic areas around the home can turn lights off automatically if no movement has occurred within a predefined amount of time.

Convenience and Security

Never come home to a dark house again. A lighting control system lets you, with the touch of a button from inside your car, light a path from the garage to any room in the house. The built-in vacation mode allows predetermined lights to turn on and off at random to make the home look “lived in” while you are away on vacation. When the day is over, pressing the “Goodnight” button turns all the lights in the house off – except the kids’ hall light, which drops to a preset 30% to serve as a nightlight.