Designed to Protect

Most people think of a security system as consisting of a few door, window, and motion sensors that make a lot of noise or calls out when violated. We can build a basic system that does just that, but we like to take it a step further. An advanced system maximizes the capabilities of the panel to also monitor and protect other aspects of the home such as: smoke/heat detectors, fire sprinklers, carbon monoxide, flood sensors, and freeze sensors.

Designed for Convenience

Does the chirping smoke detector in the highest vaulted ceiling of your home keep you up at night? With a security system from Reed’s Built-Ins, you no longer need to worry about replacing batteries in smoke detectors every six months. Thanks to structured wiring our systems run off of one large central backup battery that is easily accessible and only needs to be changed every five to seven years.

Why choose Reed's Built-Ins for your home security system?

Have you been frustrated by one of those security companies with their high pressure sales tactics and expensive contracts? At Reed’s Built-Ins, we don’t offer the freebie systems that those companies do. With their high monthly monitoring charges, those systems end up costing you more money in the end. The worst part? You don’t even own the system, they do. When you buy a security system from Reed’s Built-Ins, you own the system — we won’t come walking through your home, taking equipment off the wall if you stop your monitoring services. With every new system we sell, you get one year of free monitoring and you can continue after that with an affordable pay-as-you-go monitoring service. You also have the option to simply add a dialer that calls your cell phone to alert you in the event of a problem. We don't offer multi-year contracts so you have the flexibility to do whatever you want.