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Valet Intercom systems combine home audio system, talk, and video in one simple package. System One is designed to operate using 8-wire cable. However, it can also be operated using 6-wire cable to replace an aging system. The system may be star-wired from a central point or loop-wired.

Get a Master Station in your Home

System One gives you communication and music capabilities. This is the perfect complement to the stereo speakers in your home. The Volume/Tone control gives you the ability to combine the music from your stereo speaker system with a full intercom system to create a completely new and exciting sound experience. Combine this modern convenience with a central vacuum system and your modern home became more state of the art.

Key Features

  • Wall or Desktop
  • Various Colors to Match Existing Decor
  • Music Input
  • All Call and Selective Call
  • Designed for Cat5 cable but can use many others
  • 40 Station Practical Limit
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