Benefits of Having Your own Private Home Theater

June 28, 2016

Going out to see a movie has a number of alluring factors including the big screen, awesome surround sound and fresh popcorn. These attractive qualities have made it one of the most popular activities for dates, family nights and parties. So what if you could have all of the fun of the movies with a private home theater? You can!

Private Home Theaters

Custom home movie theaters can be built right in your own home and to your exact specifications. You can choose the size of the screen and layout of your theater to include all of your favorite parts of going to the movies and none of the bad ones. We’ve compiled a list of a few benefits a private home theater can provide over a traditional night out at a movie theater.
You can press pause.

We all know the discomfort of putting off a bathroom break during a movie in fear of missing the best part. When you install your own private home movie theater, you can pause the movie when you choose and take your break without the worry or rush.

Using your cell phone isn’t a crime.

Although “unplugging” every once in a while is ideal, try as we might, it’s simply not possible for some of us. This can become a problem at the movie theater when angry movie goers are distracted by your phone’s glow, but is a non-issue in your personal home movie theater. Because you have the freedom to sit away from others and are closer to the screen in your private theater, you can successfully run your business and social lives without distracting others.

You can bring your own refreshments.

The costs of drinks and snacks at the movies are getting ridiculous. To add insult to injury, you can’t even bring your own! Sneak your snacks no more by installing a custom home theater. Here you can decide to install a fresh popcorn maker for free popcorn and bring in candy and drinks without the fear of getting caught.

You’re in control of temperature and volume.

Movie theaters are notoriously loud and cold. Your home movie theater will allow you to have complete control over its temperature and noise level to create the most enjoyable movie experience possible.

You can actually get comfortable.

Some of the newest theaters make large investments in their seating to help their movie goers get comfortable. Although their efforts have helped, the seats are still too small to really get comfortable. Customizing a home theater allows you to make your seats as big as you would like and out of the materials you find most comfortable to help you enjoy the entire movie without aches and pains.

Kick back without getting your back kicked.

One common annoyance of movie theaters is when the person sitting behind you starts kicking your seat. This can be very distracting and quite annoying. Custom home theaters are designed with maximum comfort in mind, not maximum seating capacity. When building a custom home theater, you can ensure there is enough spacing between the seats so this doesn’t happen.

Getting started with your own private home theater.

Reed’s Built-Ins provides the quality design assistance, materials and installation you need to make the process as simple and affordable as possible. We’ve been working with Utah homeowners and businesses since 1971. Visit our home theater page to learn more.